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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can an individual be Nominated for more than one Award Category?


An individual may Nominate/ be Nominated for more than one Award Category. However, a Finalist can only win one Award. For example: An individual/entity who meets the criteria for the 'ELITE Rising Star Award' and also feels he/she wishes to be Nominated for another Award for example 'Ardent Techie Award' or any of the other Award categories may do so. The Panel of Judges will decide.


2. What is the requirement/eligibility for the ELITE Rising Star Award?

'This award is for the private business with over $5m of revenue that have shown significant growth over the last two years and genuine innovation in realising their goals. This winner of the award will be awarded a place on the LSEG Elite Platform, the leading SME growth and fund raising in Europe of the London Stock Exchange Group.'


All companies are eligible which are Private, have revenue of over USD 5m, shown significant growth over the last two years and demonstrated genuine innovation in making their goals a reality. 


This is a fantastic opportunity for taking a company to the next level. ELITE will assist in reaping various benefits including supporting the most ambitious firm to prepare for the next stage of growth and international growth capital. 


3. Can a past Award Nominee be re-Nominated?


A past Nominee/Finalist who did not win an Award may be Nominated again in the current year in the same category or a different category. 

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