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Elite Rising Star Award

This award is for the private business with over $5m of revenue that have shown significant growth over the last two years and genuine innovation in realising their goals. This winner of the award will be awarded a place on the LSEG Elite Platform, the leading SME growth and fund raising in Europe of the London Stock Exchange Group.

Relentlessly Resolute Award 


This award is for someone who has demonstrated unwavering and undaunted determination to build a new business in any sector despite all odds. 


Dedicated Stalwart Award


This award is for someone who has demonstrated steadfast and unfaltering belief in his/her own diverse family businesses and enterprises contributing to growth and expansion. This they have ensured despite the 21st-century global economic model replacing the old industrial model.


Ardent Techie Award  


This award is for someone who is passionate and fervent about technology and adopted it to grow his/her business in any field. He/she have become a trailblazer and front runner by introducing new methods, products or ideas in any sector.


Innovator Technology Award 


This award is for someone who has through innovation, digitally disrupted or created a tech venture. As an innovation champion this will entail identifying and exploring emerging and existing technology to create new business opportunities.


Exceptional Travel and Hospitality Award


This award is for someone who has demonstrated extraordinary flair in the travel, food and hospitality industry. This would include hotels, travel and tourism, restaurants. This individual has shown laser focus on the catalysts for change, the economy, enabling technology, platforms and customer mindsets. 


Outstanding Media & Entertainment Award


This award is for someone who has become a front runner in the industry and driven growth through either new ways to produce, distribute and monetize or differentiated through customisation and convenience,  content, distribution, and fan centric user experience.  


Savvy Luxury Retail Award 


This award is for someone who has created a personalized approach, curating an experience and connecting with an audience, their hearts and minds and not to just their debit cards.


Tenacious Property and Construction Award 


This award is for someone who has made a significant mark in property development, is passionate about the sector, created new business models and displayed remarkable tenacity in this sector. 


Astute Finance and Investments Award 


This award is for someone who has carved a name in the financial services world by leveraging new technologies, or by transforming the customer experience or through innovation and agility or by carving a niche etc.


Generous Philanthropist Award


This award is for someone who seeks to promote the welfare of others, primarily through generous donation of time, effort and money to good causes or someone who has worked tirelessly towards human development goals while sustaining the ability of future generations to meet their own needs be it bringing sustainable nutrition, the environment, education and health etc.


Competitive Sports Award


This award is for someone who has demonstrated tremendous belief, focus and determination to reach the pinnacle of sporting glory. This may also be someone who has set up an entity that manages fosters or facilitates sports or involved in a sports league.

Magnificent Performing Arts Award


This award is for someone who has been awe inspiring and majestic in the performing arts which covers: film, theatre, dance, opera, music etc

Exquisite Art and Fashion Award


This award is for someone who has been exceptional in creating visual art which has engaged the audience's sensibilities. This would include literature, painting, sculpture, photography etc. The Fashion icon will have created a distinctive, popular style or constant trend in clothing, footwear, accessories, make up, furniture etc.

Specialist Professional Award


This award is for someone who has excelled in a Professional Services occupation requiring special training in the arts or sciences. This may entail holding professional licenses such as architects, auditors, engineers, doctors and lawyers or providing other services like investment management, management or IT consulting etc. 

Inspirational Icon Award

This award is for someone whose achievements inspire and motivate others. He/She will have transcended boundaries and broken barriers.

Squared Watermelon Award

This award is for someone who transcends boundaries of excellence, remarkable in delivery and incomparable in success. This individual could potentially be a winner in more than one category.

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